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Wideband Integrated Photonics For Accessible Biomedical Diagnostics


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 This programme is funded by the European Research Council under the EU 7th Framework Programme (FP/2007-2013) / ERC Grant Agreement no. 291216




Photonic technologies are central to biochemical analysis and have become the mainstay of detection in “lab-on-chip” systems. However, the degree of optical functionality integrated within these chips remains extremely limited, with growth being further hampered by the lack of an integrated photonic platform which can extend to the mid-infrared molecular “fingerprint” region well beyond the near-IR wavelengths used in photonic telecomms technologies.

This programme sets out to realise mass-manufacturable monolithically-integrated photonic/optofluidic technologies for chemical and biochemical analysis in the near and mid-infrared for wide application in clinical point-of-care diagnostics.